The Annals of Botany Company is a not-for-profit charity established to promote plant science. Founded in 1887, Annals of Botany is now the world's oldest general plant science journal. It publishes novel and substantial research papers in all areas of plant science and has an international authorship and readership. In 2009, the Company launched a second title AoB PLANTS, an online-only, open-access plant biology journal. Most recently, 2010 saw the launch of the highly active AoB Blog. Alongside our publishing activities the AoB Company has an objective of furthering botanical research through the funding of grants.

Latest papers from Annals of Botany

Pacheco-Escobedo, M. A., Ivanov, V. B., Ransom-Rodriguez, I., Arriaga-Mejia, G., Avila, H., Baklanov, I. A., Pimentel, A., Corkidi, G., Doerner, P., Dubrovsky, J. G., Alvarez-Buylla, E. R., Garay-Arroyo, A.
June 29, 2016
Sharipova, G., Veselov, D., Kudoyarova, G., Fricke, W., Dodd, I. C., Katsuhara, M., Furuichi, T., Ivanov, I., Veselov, S.
June 29, 2016
Carminati, A., Zarebanadkouki, M., Kroener, E., Ahmed, M. A., Holz, M.
June 26, 2016

Latest papers from AoB PLANTS

Sinebou, V., Quinet, M., Ahohuendo, B. C., Jacquemart, A.-L.
June 28, 2016
Oldfather, M. F., Britton, M. N., Papper, P. D., Koontz, M. J., Halbur, M. M., Dodge, C., Flint, A. L., Flint, L. E., Ackerly, D. D.
June 23, 2016